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Unveiling the Mystery of 


Meet the Beekeeper

Dallas has been beekeeping since he was 14 years old and has, quite literally, a lifetime of experience and wisdom inside of his craft. ​

He has worked commercially inside the trade and knows the impact and vital role that Honey Bees have on pollination and crop harvest. 

In addition to understanding the ins and outs of commercial pollination & agriculture; the local area of Southern Oregon that the Kalapuya Tribe called home, is where he found passion in local honey production and working with the land. This passion became rooted in Dallas and is woven throughout the whole family. 

That is when the mission grew. To provide the community with raw, unpasteurized, specific honey varietals local to the Umpqua Valley and Kalapuya watersheds. Dallas and wife Rhonda recently retired Saturdays from the local farmers selling honey to the community. The mission has since blossomed into a passion for educating the next generation of beekeepers on the art and science of Beekeeping! 


"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away" - Pablo Picasso


Hives + Consulting 


This is a strong entry point for those who are ready to have established bee hives on their property right now. 


These are Single Story Hives with 8 frames, consisting of healthy Italian/Carni honey bees in all stages of development including: eggs, brood, worker bees and a healthy laying queen with enough honey and pollen to set you up for a great foundation to start. 

Includes Deep Hive Body, Insulated Inner Cover, Cedar Bottom Board, 3 Western Supers, Queen Excluder, and Dry + Liquid Feeder. *Spring Hives will be already treated for Spring Varroa Mites.

Delivery / Location Drop Off will be scheduled upon ordering.

This is our recommended way to begin your journey as a beekeeper. All you need from here is a beekeeping suit, veil, gloves, smoker and a hive tool and you're ready to go.

Having 2 hives of bees is recommended as it allows you to share resources between the two colonies as needed during the year.

Nucleus hives (nucs)

Seasonally we offer Nuc's. This is for the aspiring beekeeper that already has the equipment, but needs a nucleus of bees.

Nucs are 3-5 frames of healthy honey bees in all stages of development including eggs, brood, worker bees, honey, pollen and a healthy laying queen. Everything ready to be put in your own hive body and equipment. 




Beekeeping Workshops

Your day of coaching in our workshops will consist of two parts, Practical Theory and Hands On. 

We believe that the most important part of education is learning hands-on with your head in a hive. Especially when it comes to something as intricate as understanding a colony of honey bees. 

You will spend a day with Dallas in the field suited up working bees alongside other up and coming beekeepers. You will learn first hand what to look and listen for when you are opening the hives.

Once you are confident with this stage of beekeeping you can advance to learning how to recognize what the hive need based on each season. 

Every hive is unique and while some could be flourishing, others may need the help of a beekeeper for things like viruses, queenless hives, limited nectar source, or the dreaded verroa mite.


All education is hosted in Southern Oregon at our Education Field. Fly in guests are welcome, ask us about our local recommendations. 



1) Intro to Beekeeping

2) Understanding the Hive

3) Veroa Mite 


Times arise when you have a specific question unique to your hive + season and need additional support. 

You can schedule a 30 or 60 min 1:1coaching session. 

Whichever route you choose, know that you have support with Kalapuya.



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